Retirement planning made easy

The Retirement Planner helps people approaching retirement quickly and easily determine at what point in the future they will be able to retire

The Retirement Planner utilizes a newly-developed, simplified retirement planning technique that incorporates the knowledge gained from safe withdrawal rate research without the need to perform complex and cumbersome Monte Carlo simulations.

The result is a simple, yet surprisingly powerful tool that shows the client at which age he or she is expected to achieve a sustainable retirement portfolio based on their current situation rather than asking the client for their hoped-for retirement age and then reworking their financial realities to achieve that age.

Once the client’s current situation is modeled, which takes less than five minutes and requires a bare minimum amount of data, “what if” scenarios are very easily performed which illustrate the steps or assumptions that need to occur to achieve the desired retirement age.

“I had a second Retirement Planning meeting with a client recently. At the first meeting we went over their retirement picture using (the ACA Retirement Analyzer) and MoneyGuidePro. This time I used your Retirement Planner, and they loved it!!! They gushed about how user friendly it was, and how clear the results were. Thank you very much!!”
~ Sheila P., CFP, CPA

The Retirement Planner

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“I downloaded and paid for the Retirement Planner last week. I love it! I found it very easy to use and intuitive. Even without reading the instructions tab, I found myself inputting data and changing assumptions. I really like how most fields can be changed to fit the client's situation. Thanks for developing such a wonderful tool!”
~ Angela D., MBA